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Design Thinking in Practice
Learn how to use design thinking to develop innovative solutions for your business. This 5-step process will help you empathize with users, define the problem, ideate solutions, prototype and test them.
20 January 2023 13:41 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #3 Stage #5: Loss of Face ..Resolución de conflictos #3 Etapa #5: Pérdida de la cara ....
Employees with wildly divergent personalities, work habits, moral values, and worldviews may find themselves at odds. However, conflicts can and should be resolved.
07 April 2022 12:02 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #3 Stage #4: Coalitions ..Resolución de conflictos #3 Etapa #3: Coaliciones ....
Workplace disagreements are bound to arise due to employees' diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and objectives. Although it's not always a bad thing, ignoring it can be. It can reduce productivity and create an undesirable work atmosphere.
01 April 2022 15:07 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #3 Stage #3: Actions, Not Words ..Resolución de conflictos #3 Etapa #3: acciones, no palabras ....
Educating oneself on Friedrich Glasl's nine-stage model of conflict escalation is a proven method for conflict resolution. The second stage of conflict escalation and how to deal with debate and polemics were the focus of the previous instalment of this series.
24 March 2022 15:28 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #3 Stage #2: Debate..Resolución de conflictos #3 Etapa #2: Debate ....
What happens in the second stage of conflict escalation according to Glasl as well as concrete actions you can take
17 March 2022 16:10 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #3 Stage #1: Tension ..Resolución de conflictos #3 Etapa #1: Tensión ....
What happens in the first stage of conflict escalation according to Glasl as well as concrete actions you can take
15 March 2022 13:48 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #2: The Rise of Conflict ..Resolución de conflictos #2: El aumento de los conflictos ....
Managers must be aware of the underlying reasons for employee conflict, so they can intervene before things spiral out of control. Learning the causes of a disagreement is crucial for conflict resolution. In this instalment, we will discuss how conflict can manifest in the workplace.
09 March 2022 17:27 - Comment(s):
....Conflict Resolution #1: a look into the depths ..Resolución de conflictos #1: una mirada a las profundidades ....
A lack of control over disputes can result in poor judgement, confrontations, or harassment if left unchecked. This leads to poor teamwork, plummeting morale, and projects coming to a standstill. Businesses suffer from the loss of valuable employees, reduced attendance, and a rise in attrition.
08 March 2022 15:17 - Comment(s):
....Can the world of user stories evolve? Would outcome based be better? I share some thoughts on the topic. ..¿Puede evolucionar el mundo de las historias de usuarios? ¿Sería mejor basarse en los resultados? Comparto algunos pensamientos sobre el tema. ....
10 March 2021 12:09 - Comment(s):
....Is the small talk useful when in a remote working environment? ..¿Es útil la pequeña charla cuando se está en un entorno de trabajo remoto? ....
27 November 2020 19:04 - Comment(s):
When the team switched to distributed working patterns, not being in the office or remote working can we expect that they are working or will productivity suffer? We have a look at some of the common interactions to see how they are different when remote. Part of a series of posts.
25 November 2020 10:59 - Comment(s):

.... 5 minutes read .. 5 minutos de lectura ....

….If I had 5 minutes to explain the difference between a Scrum Master and an Agile coach, I would start by: .. Si tuviera 5 minutos para explicar la diferencia entre un Scrum Master y un coach Agile, empezaría por: ….

13 November 2020 11:45 - Comment(s):
.... Make good use of one to one conversations. .. Hacer buen uso de conversaciones de uno a uno. ....
20 April 2020 17:53 - Comment(s):
.... 5 minutes read .. 5 minutos de lectura ....

.... Leaders need to enable those in their organisation and teams to be safe. Safe to be themselves, rather than concerned and looking over their back. .. Los líderes deben permitir que aquellos en...

24 April 2019 12:55 - Comment(s):
.... Release planning is a useful tool to use. Here I share some things to avoid. .. La planificación de la versión es una herramienta útil para usar. Aquí comparto algunas cosas para evitar. ....
15 April 2019 18:18 - Comment(s):