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....Conflict Resolution #1: a look into the depths ..Resolución de conflictos #1: una mirada a las profundidades ....
A lack of control over disputes can result in poor judgement, confrontations, or harassment if left unchecked. This leads to poor teamwork, plummeting morale, and projects coming to a standstill. Businesses suffer from the loss of valuable employees, reduced attendance, and a rise in attrition.
08 March 2022 15:17 - Comment(s):
.... Remote meetings can be successful. Find out how to have successful meetings. ..Las reuniones remotas pueden tener éxito. Descubra cómo tener reuniones exitosas. ....
28 November 2020 10:52 - Comment(s):
....Is the small talk useful when in a remote working environment? ..¿Es útil la pequeña charla cuando se está en un entorno de trabajo remoto? ....
27 November 2020 19:04 - Comment(s):
When the team switched to distributed working patterns, not being in the office or remote working can we expect that they are working or will productivity suffer? We have a look at some of the common interactions to see how they are different when remote. Part of a series of posts.
25 November 2020 10:59 - Comment(s):
.... Make good use of one to one conversations. .. Hacer buen uso de conversaciones de uno a uno. ....
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